Bongs and Bowls 101 – The Right Rig for Me

Smoking weed may seem like a new phenomenon, but cannabis has been enjoyed for over two thousand years. One of the most popular ways is by packing a bowl. Bongs and pipes have a long history transcending cultures, continents, and time.

If you are in the market for a new smoking device, bongs and pipes both have a lot going for them. Not to mention they are two of the most tried and true methods of smoking marijuana, dating back to the 10th century. Connect with the ancients and try one of these great ways to enjoy cannabis.

We will discuss the pros and cons of both smoking methods. You can’t go wrong with either one, we guarantee both to get the job done.

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The History of Loading a Bowl

Far before cannabis legalization, ancient peoples around the globe were enjoying smoking out of bongs and pipes.

Bongs are believed to be first introduced in Southern Russia. Historians believe that Russian elites smoked cannabis out of bongs in the year 1000 CE. In 2013, archeologists discovered a smoking device crafted out of gold with traces of both cannabis and opium, a common mix for Russian officials in those days.

The first pipes with traces of cannabis come from Ethiopia around the year 1320 CE. Scientists were able to determine that the black resin in the smoking devices were in fact resin from smoking cannabis by detecting small amounts of THC.

Historians have found evidence that suggests people from all cultures enjoyed gathering together and packing a nice fat bowl to unwind.


Smoking is bad for you no matter which method you choose. There is no truth behind misinformation claiming that smoking cannabis isn’t bad on your lungs, or that it is better for you than cigarettes. Hot smoke entering the lungs is harmful.

Smoking marijuana can be even worse than cigarettes because users go out of their way to take the biggest hit possible and hold it in as long as they can. Smoking cannabis is a great experience, but don’t believe in nonsense.

The Benefits of a Bong

The main purpose of a bong is to cool down the smoke by filtering it through the water. This creates a smoother, less harsh hit. Many bong and bubbler veterans like to add ice to their water to cool the smoke even more.

Allowing the smoke to cool through the bong water may create a less harsh feeling hit but there isn’t any evidence to suggest that it is less harmful to your lungs.

Bongs can also serve as nice accessories to a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. They can even hold flowers when they are not in use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bong

Mobility isn’t a bong’s strong suit. They aren’t built for travel. When you buy a bong, it’s a good idea to keep it in the house or apartment as much as possible. If you decide to go with a piece crafted by a true master of glass blowing, it’s going to cost you. Buying a bong is an investment, but well worth the cost if you are looking to upgrade your smoking set-up.

Much to our dismay, bongs don’t filter out ‘all the addictive shit.’ Seth Rogan lied to us, and his on-screen high school girlfriend in stoner classic, Pineapple Express.

However, if you have ever cleaned a bong, you may have been thankful that you didn’t inhale what was left behind.

The worst thing about a bong is the maintenance. They can get pretty nasty if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Relative to a pipe, which can easily be boiled in a large pot of water, bongs are hard to clean.

Epic Toking Potential – Pro or Con?

Bongs can deliver massive, unforgiving hits. We are going to let you be the judge on whether that’s a good or bad thing when making a purchasing decision.

The Benefits of a Bowl

Unlike bongs, pipes are mobile. Perfect to take along for a hike or out on the lake.

Most pipe connoisseurs favor pieces because they can easily conserve their weed. If you are looking for the fastest way to burn through an ounce, a bong is going to be the easiest path. Pipes allow users to control their hit, only light what they intend to smoke, and give their friend a fresh, green side of the bowl to light.

Most pipes are easy to clean. However, most pipe advocates enjoy watching their piece darken with resin and change colors. A pipe’s airway can easily be cleaned with a paperclip or if you want a clean surface, throw it into a pot of boiling water.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pipe

The mobility of a pipe can also be a drawback. There seems to be a direct correlation between smoking marijuana and dropping expensive glass objects. Pipes are notorious for breaking.

The small length of a pipe also endangers the user’s eyebrows. Singed hairs are a truly embarrassing occurrence that should be avoided at all costs.


Bong or Bowl

The right rig for you depends on your needs. If you just moved into a new apartment with your buddies and you need a nice centerpiece/smoking device a bong is a way to go. If you are looking to conserve your weed and are a physically active smoker, maybe a pipe is the best move. Whatever your choice, remember to enjoy cannabis responsibly.

The creativity displayed by modern glassblowers is unbelievable. There is a whole separate subculture of glass blowing if you are down for an interesting, non-political rabbit hole to wander down after enjoying your new glass pipe or bong.

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