Over the last two years, many new techniques of extraction have surfaced, and If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you may have heard of the term “diamonds” to refer to high-potency, THC crystalline extracts. Also known as THC-A crystalline, diamonds are a new concentrate in the world of cannabis extractions with incredible potency. THC-A refers to the non-psychoactive form of THC found in the unrefined cannabis plant that converts to THC when exposed to high heat. Without the heat component, THC-A is not psychotropic, which means ingesting cannabis diamonds will not get you high.

THC diamonds are isolated from live resin extracts. The diamond mining process usually takes one of two paths to ensure a high potency product. One method is using a closed-loop system with a unique solvent removal process, and the other is mirroring the multi-step process used to make pure cannabinoid crystalline. The key difference between the extraction of THC-A diamonds and other concentrates is the use of solvents in the extraction process.

The structure and appearance of diamonds on the market depend on the modes of extraction and further processing. Diamonds can vary in size, colour, and form when in contact with temperature, moisture, or chemical impurities. Whether sold in a high-terpene extract consistency or packaged as an isolated product, high-quality cannabis diamonds should always exhibit. Diamonds extracted from sauce are usually coated in extra sauce, resulting in even higher levels of potency and aroma.

Diamonds are among the stronger extracts on the market today, and due to their potency and high flavonoid profile, the crystalline concentrates are a popular dabbing choice among seasoned cannabis consumers.

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