Distillates, Waxes, Hash, and More: Guide to Dabs!

If you are curious about what cannabis dabs and concentrates are, then this is the article for you!

It’s a fact that cannabis concentrates are blowing up in popularity around the world. It seems that everywhere you look, people are talking about dabs rigs and different concentrates and why they’re so good. Cannabis concentrates are well-known for their potency and purity. When you use cannabis concentrates, you’re going to be using some of the most potent THC and terpene-rich products in the world.

Ask any experienced dabber, and they’ll tell you that dabbing isn’t about finding a concentrate with the highest THC levels. Still, it certainly plays a significant part in many dabbers’ decisions.

In the following article, we’re going to take a look at the history of dabs, different dabbing devices, how different extraction methods affect the flavor and terpene profiles, different dab extracts, and some alternative ways that you can enjoy concentrates.

History of Dabs

Cannabis dabs may seem like a relatively new concept, but in reality, they’ve been used for several hundred years and some such as hash centuries earlier. Let’s fast forward a few hundred years to when dabs seemed to explode in popularity around the world.

In 2005, there was an article published called ‘Beautiful Budder’ in Cannabis Culture. In this article, written by someone known as the BudderKing, they talked about the crazy amber concentrate that they’d created, budder. This product, along with an early prototype dab rig, made its way onto the shelves of some shops and dispensaries in California.

In 2010, hash oil products made their appearance in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Within the year, concentrates such as wax, sap, and budder started appearing on dispensary shelves throughout the country.

The process of cannabis extraction is continually being evolved. The more enthusiasts support cannabis concentrates. The faster companies will look for innovative ways to produce better concentrates.


Different Dab Devices

There are various ways that you can enjoy cannabis concentrates and so many dab rigs to cover that it would fill an entire article by itself. That’s why we’re going to cover dab devices in more detail in our article, Art of the Dab.

If you’re thinking about getting into cannabis concentrates, you’ll have a few different choices in the way that you enjoy them. There are five main types of dab rigs to choose from, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Glass Dab Rigs
  2. Mini Rigs
  3. Silicone Dab Rigs
  4. Recycler Rigs
  5. E-Rigs

Different Extraction Methods and Why They Matter

There are a variety of different extraction methods for cannabis concentrates, each with advantages and disadvantages. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the different extraction methods and their pros and cons.

  1. Butane Honey Oil Extraction (BHO) – BHO has been studied a lot because of its use in the food and perfume industry. Cannabis is placed into a container before being sprayed with butane. The cannabinoids and butane are then collected in a different container. The butane must be left to evaporate, or a vacuum oven can be used to speed up the process. The THC levels are about 80%, but butane extraction, if not done correctly, can be hazardous.
  2. CO2 Extraction – CO2 Extraction is non-toxic and one of the most environmentally friendly methods of extraction. It leaves no trace of any toxins behind in the final concentrate. CO2 extraction is also used for beer, coffee, and fruit extracts. Supercritical CO2 is heated and passes through the cannabis flower. After the process has been completed, the CO2 is used again. CO2 extraction requires a lot of specialized equipment but is one of the most common methods.
  3. Ethanol Extraction – Ethanol extraction is gaining popularity among many cannabis concentrate companies. The cannabis plant is soaked in ethanol, and once extraction is complete, the product is put through a refining process that leaves one of the purest and best tasting finished products.
  4. Water Extraction – Instead of any solvents, water extraction, relies on the cannabis plant being submerged in freezing water. The plant is stirred, which causes the trichomes to come away from the plant, and then they pass through a series of fine screens. The final result delivers THC levels between 50-70%.
  5. Isopropyl Alcohol – Dried cannabis flower is soaked in isopropyl alcohol and then shaken or stirred gently. This causes the trichomes to break away before passing through a series of screens. The final mixture then gets put in a vacuum oven to remove any solvents. The final product is a THC rich oil.

What are the Different Extracts?

When it comes to different cannabis extracts, you have a lot of choices, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which concentrate you choose will most likely come down to personal preferences and your budget.

  • Kief – Kief is one of the simplest of all extracts. Trichomes are simply broken away from the plant and pass through a series of screens.
  • Dry Sieve – Dry sieve is another popular cannabis concentrate and is very similar to kief but undergoes further refinement. The quality of the sieve is determined by the amount of plant material left in the finished product.
  • Hash – Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates, and there are a variety of different ways that it can be made.
  • BHO – BHO is made using butane hash oil extraction methods, and people refer to it by the different forms it comes in, such as shatter, budder, honeycomb crumble, and sap.
  • RSO – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • Rosin – Rosin is gaining popularity among many medicinal cannabis users. Rosin is a form of resin that is made by applying pressure and heat to liquid terpenes.

Alternatives to Dabbing Concentrates

If you don’t enjoy dabbing, there are also several different ways that you can still enjoy concentrates, such as painting them directly onto your favorite joint or sprinkling them on top of a pipe or bong.

Some people have spoken about how they have also ingested concentrates. Still, it isn’t the most recommended method, and there are several other ways, such as dab rigs and vaporizers, which are much more effective.


Different Dab Extracts – What’s the Real Difference – Conclusion

With so many different concentrates to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for you? Trying a few different concentrates is a great way to learn, which is better suited to you and your tolerances. Whenever you’re starting to use concentrates for the first time, always start off slowly and learn what your tolerance is before you jump straight in. Concentrates can be potent, and the last thing you want is to have too much and ruin your concentrate experience.

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