Hashish, The Assassins Tale

Ever wanted to learn more about the origins of hashish? Then keep reading!

Have you ever heard of hash or hashish and wondered where it comes from and what were its origins? Well, you’re not alone! You may be surprised to learn that hashish has been around for thousands of years and has a long and interesting history beginning with its origins. Let’s take a look at the history of hashish!

The Origins of Hashish

Hash is produced by collecting the potent trichomes or resin from the marijuana flower or bud and then compressing or processing it into blocks or balls. There are a variety of different types of hashish, as well as different ways to make it. Different regions have their methods and techniques to produce their preferred types of hash.

The word ‘hashish’ itself comes from the Arabic language, and the rough translation means ‘grass.’ The original hashish is believed to have become popular around A.D. 900, but other sources claim that the collection of resin from cannabis farmers was popular long before this.

The Assassins Tale

The word ‘assassin’ first came up in the English language around the 16th century and comes from the Arabic word ‘hashishin,’ which translates to ‘hash eater.’ It was the name given to a group of legendary assassins that were believed to use the hash as a spiritual and integral part of their culture.

The group of assassins was commonly referred to as the Hashhashin. They belonged to a mystical Sufi Muslim sect and consumed hashish. They were well-known for their daring and dramatic assassination of political figures. It’s believed that hash gave them more bravery and daring to accomplish their daring assassinations.

When new recruits joined the sect, they were taken to the compound’s garden and given large amounts of hash. When they were high from the effects of the hash, they were promised that it was just a small taste of what they would experience if they went to heaven as martyrs while trying to fulfill their assigned assassinations.

The Evolution of Hashish

After European explorers returned from exploring Africa and the subcontinent, they returned with more than just maps, precious jewels, and 

artifacts. They bought hashish with them. Hashish was extremely popular with European doctors who were trying to refine and produce more potent versions of the hash bought back from Africa and other countries. It was this refinement that led to hashish being prescribed by doctors as a medication for pain and other ailments.

By the 20th century, hashish made from cannabis accounted for a large percentage of western pharmaceutical products. However, this wasn’t going to last forever. When cannabis was outlawed in many countries, it led to the almost 100% removal of hashish and other cannabis-based pharmaceutical products within a few years.

However, the prohibition on cannabis products never stopped the production of hash and other cannabis products; it simply pushed them into the black market and out of legal pharmaceutical products.

Hashish Conclusion

For thousands of years, people all around the world have been enjoying hash, recreationally, medicinally, and spiritually. There are a variety of different ways that people smoke or vape hash, and a lot of how hash is used has to do with the geographical location of the person using the hash.

Some people prefer to sprinkle hash on dried cannabis flowers or buds to enhance their cannabis experience. Others smoke hash by itself in a bowl or pipe, and some people have started to vape hash in electronic vaporizers and dab rigs.

Hashish is the original cannabis concentrate. As cannabis begins to enjoy a sea change of opinion around the world, more and more people are starting to explore cannabis extracts such as hash.

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