THC Distillate


Ultra versatile. 96% pure ∆THC-9 extract. All Natural or enhanced with strain-specific terpenes.

THC distillates are rich in potency, purity, and have limitless application potential. Cannabis distillate oils are odourless and tasteless extracts that are formed through applying a high heat extraction process. Our distillates are available in Unflavoured/All Natural. Also available in infused strain terpenes including Hybrid: Blue Dream, Tiger Blood, Sativa: Ghost Train Haze, Super Jack, Indica: Pink Panties, White Rhino. Learn More

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Terpene Profile

Super Jack (Sativa), Ghost Train Haze (Sativa), Pink Panties (Indica), White Rhino (Indica), Blue Dream (Hybrid), Tiger Blood (Hybrid), Unflavoured

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