Shatter is a very potent cannabis concentrate that gets its name from its glass-like appearance and brittle texture—it is fragile and breaks into small pieces (shatters) if mishandled or dropped. High-quality shatter is translucent, smooth to the touch, and can have a THC profile of over 80%, making it popular among experienced marijuana consumers.

Cannabis shatter is a type of butane hash oil that uses a solvent-based extraction method during the production process. Butane (the solvent) separates cannabinoids and terpenes from excess cannabis plant matter, resulting in a flexible, clear concentrate that resembles honey. The sticky, concentrate is then spread over a flat, food-grade surface, and is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove any remaining solvents. After the last extraction process is complete, the final result is a solid sheet of golden shatter, ready to be broken down into portions and packaged.

Although traditional shatter is hard and brittle, it can also have a taffy-like consistency, which allows consumers to break and pull smaller portions as needed. There are many ways to consume shatter, which can cause some confusion among people who are new to using concentrates. Dabbing shatter involves vaporizing a small portion using a rig and inhaling the vapour. This method is popular because its effects are immediate and intense. If you are interested in vaping shatter using a vape pen, you would need a pen that was made specifically for vaping shatter or one that has a modified heating coil.

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