Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is a type of cannabis concentrate named for its crystal-like appearance and its waxy texture. Depending on the strain and extraction method used, it can range anywhere from a light golden colour to dark amber. The most common way to consume sugar wax is through inhalation via dabbing. Seasoned cannabis consumers prize sugar wax for its texture, complex flavonoid profile, and of course, its potency.

Sugar wax sometimes develops naturally when cannabinoids and lipids separate and begin to break down, causing crystallization. Most of the sugar wax available on the market are intentionally manufactured using standardized extraction methods. The benefit of manufactured sugar wax vs. naturally occurring wax is that manufactured wax provides a fresher product with improved flavours.

While sugar wax can be produced using just about any THC cannabis flower as a base, using a strain that has a high terpene profile yields the best product. To produce sugar wax, manufactures start with concentrated cannabis oil, then further dissolve it in a solvent (either butane or ethanol) to extract and separate terpenes and cannabinoids. The terpene and cannabinoid filled compound is then purged with heat under vacuum to remove any solvents resulting in a high-purity cannabis concentrate, free from unwanted chemicals.

To ensure your cannabis sugar wax maintains its freshness, potency, and taste, it is important to protect it from heat, light, humidity, and air. We recommend storing it in an airtight glass container away from direct light. As with any cannabis products, make sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental consumption.

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