THC Distillate

Among some of the more well-known concentrates are THC distillates. THC distillates are rich in potency, purity, and have limitless application potential. Cannabis distillate oils are odourless and tasteless extracts that are formed through applying a high heat extraction process. This molecular distillation process separates and refines specific cannabinoids in their purest form.

In the past, there were two typical methods of creating concentrates: the first used a solvent, a standard product used in extraction techniques. The other way most commonly used in making hash did not use solvents. In modern processes, applying vacuum pressure and heat to decarboxylated extractions separates individual cannabinoids and terpenes. We control every step of the way to ensure temperatures optimize potency levels throughout the extraction process.

Because the plant has been stripped down to individual cannabinoids, the oils lack flavour, colour, and smell—which is why it’s a popular potent cannabis product to use on its own or to infuse in other products. THC Distillate is usually a staple ingredient of many edibles, vapes, and dabs on the market today. With THC purity indexes in the 90-99% range, distillates are an excellent option for consumers who want a THC concentrate that is equally versatile as it is potent.

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